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Fiche de Put Down That Weapon Midnight Oil. artiste. Visiteurs (Jour/Sem/Mois): 0 - 0 - 0; Langue: EN; Paroles originales: Put Down That Weapon lyrics. Paroles de chanson Midnight Oil - Put Down That Weapon traduction, lyrics, video. Under the waterline No place to retire To another time The eyes of the world. L.A. Guns. l.a. guns - down in the city . Hey yo this is the way we lay it down on the L train. Yo help me out Midnight and I'm ready to move E jeff beck carmen vandenberg and rosie bones - o.i.l. Lyrics apaisants je rappe les oiseaux se taisent. Fais-toi . J'ai toujours ma salope mon brolic mon keusti au bec. Midnight Oil ‎ Put down that weapon 1987